Friday, 22 February 2013


This is a great alternative for sugary juices!

When I was pregnant, I was told that Raspberry Herbal Tea would help bring on my labour.
The last few weeks of pregnancy for me were hard. I wanted to meet my precious boy soooooo desperately , my body no longer felt like it belonged to me, and  I was  simply tired of waiting. I turned to wives tales on how to bring on some very anticipated labour. I sent Chris to Shoppers Drug Mart,  we were going to try the Raspberry Herbal Tea.We were both so anxious to meet our son, that we would have tried almost anything to make his appearance happen sooner.

Unfortunately, Shoppers didn't carry this specific type of tea, and Chris knew never to come home empty handed to my psycho pregnant self.( I was not very pleasant near the end) He chose cranberry tea, and pomegranate blue berry! Although they didn't help bring on my labour, as Adrian was a week late, and I had to be induced, they still were put to use! 

Chances are you will have most of what's needed on hand.
  1. Water Pitcher/Juice Jug.
  2. Ice.
  3. Herbal Tea. (I chose pomegranate blue berry.)
  4. Lemon Sliced OR Lemon Juice.

I filled the jug with KETTLE BOILED WATER! 
Add 5 teabags, lemon slices/juice.
Stir and FREEZE overnight! 
Let thaw in the fridge enough to break the ice and make it almost like slush. 

When I poured myself a glass, I added an extra teabag, for added flavour, of course! 
I didn't add any sugars, or sweeteners, but go for it! 

I hope you tea drinkers enjoy my iced version! I am curious to know what kind of tea bag you use! Please feel free to post pictures, flavours, experience! Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff! 

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