Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mason Jar Picture Frame DIY! 

This project is so simple to do.
I have my mason jars on display in my living room, they have received lots of wonderful feedback! I chose pictures of my boys Adrian and Damian! 

The supplies used for this are few;

  • Mason Jar.
  • Pictures.

  • Rocks. 
  • Acrylic Paint & Paint Brush.

    I personally enjoy doing projects that I can add my own twist to. With these mason jar picture frames, the options are endless. I went ahead and did a funky animal print design when painting my lids, but you can do whatever colour or pattern you want! You could possibly get away with not painting the lids at all! 

    If you have a shelf that is lacking, this simple project will be sure to add a finished touch. 
    To start, make sure you have clean dry jars to work with! Paint your lids and finally choose the photos that you like the most (I used 4X6), fill your jar with however many rocks suits your need! Place the photo within the rocks! If needed remove rocks that are blocking the view! I used two vertical pictures, but would love to see how horizontal turn out! 

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