Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Personable Canvas DIY

Well what would a DIY blog be, without any DIY projects?

I have decided to do an original, seeing as this is the first project I will be posting.
*I am sure there are plenty of posts out there related to what I have created, however I used no websites for my inspiration.*

In my bedroom, my walls have been staring at me.
They are bare, and boring! Chris (my supportive boyfriend) and I are both far from boring, so I decided it was time to add some personality into our bedroom!

This is a VERY SIMPLE DIY project, that I had put together in two hours time. If two hours seems like a lot of time spent on a project, take comfort in knowing a lot of that time was drying time! 

What you will need; 
- Four Blank Canvass. I purchased at the dollar store, they weren't even blank!
- Paint. I used black acrylic paint, use whatever best suits your decor! 
- Cosmetic Wedges. 
- Modge Podge. I made my own! 
- Four Pictures. I used four 4X6 prints from Shutterfly! 
I gathered all my supplies from the dollar store, minus the photos! 

Step One: Paint your canvas(X4) I used the cosmetic wedges for this step, it was quick and easy, plus it covered well with minimal effort.

Step Two: Once your paint has dried fully, modge podge the back sides of your four chosen photos, place on the canvas. *Note make sure you lay the photo exactly where you want it, as the modge podge will mark the painted canvas.* 

Step Three: Smooth the photos and allow to dry.

Step Four: Once dry, take a FRESH cosmetic wedge and cover the canvas, photo included with modge podge.

Step Five: Let this dry, hang your beautiful work in your home and enjoy!

Whats hanging on YOUR bedroom walls?
Feel free to ask any questions, and to post any attempts!
Thanks so much! 

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